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Google-Star-Ratings Wordpress Plugins

Google Star Rating Nowadays you may have seen a number of links in Google search results showing stars just below the search links. Those stars are called Google Rating Stars and is displayed just below the Site Title in Google Search Results.  Google Star Ratings uses up one line of your search engine listing and adds stars and an author byline to your search results. These kind of Star Ratings can be easily added to your blog if you are using WordPress by using WordPress plugins. Why Should You Add Google Star Rating? The simple reason that it makes the search Continue Reading →

What-Is-Wordpress Wordpress Views

Since this is going to be a blog about WordPress as well as my first article, I think the best way to start will be by discussing what exactly WordPress is. So here we go… If you have just entered into the webmastering or the web designing/development business, by now you must have heard about WordPress and if you have been in the scene for the past few years then for sure you have heard about WordPress. So What is WordPress?, lets try to answer the question in a simple manner What is WordPress? WordPress is an open source web Continue Reading →