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WPPulse is a blog which discusses about almost all aspects of WordPress, right from development to news about new plugins and theme releases. In this blog, you will be getting a whole lot of tips and tricks for achieving different stuffs with WordPress for both newbies as well as advanced users.

As we all know WordPress is one of the most powerful and popular web script online and sure it has a huge fan following. There are many people who use WordPress but just know the basics and most of the times are overwhelmed by the different problems they come across while using WordPress. This blog is intended to help them solve their problem. And also, on the other hand we will be sharing news and reviews about different stuffs that happen in the WordPress universe.

Currently WPPulse is in its starting phase so you may not see a lot of articles as such but I recommend you to follow us in the following social media sites or sign up for our newsletter since we are pretty much sure that we are going to make this blog as informative as it can be and you will surely be gaining a good amount of knowledge from this blog. Do connect with us through:



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About Shiva Chettri

Hello guys, I am a 23 year old guy hailing from a small town called Kurseong (in Darjeeling) in the midst of the Himalayas. I am the creator and the editor of this small blog WPPulse through which I am trying to learn as well as share everything I learn about WordPress.  I am a graduate in Computer Applications and am currently doing my post graduation through distance studies in Delhi, the capital of India. Besides that, I also blog at Netchunks, one of the top webmaster tips and blogging ideas blog in the internet. I am an ardent music lover and a gaming freak. A self confessed social media addict, I adore open source and am an ardent programming enthusiast. You can connect with me at Facebook, Twitter or G Plus or you could just drop me a email at: